About Who Am I?

Future Educator Right Here

So who exactly is writing this blog that you are all seeing?  My name is Linda Gaudreau and I am from Massachusetts.  How did I end up at this University? First was the education program and second was the swimming program.  That is why I am a Student- Athlete.  The student part always comes first.I am currently in my third year as a black bear and could not be happier.  I have met some of the greatest people here including my boyfriend of almost two years.

“Leading is not with an iron fist, but with a caring heart” ~Me

I am actually on the right, and I beat the bear on the left here 🙂



So how is technology important to me?

See this guy right here?  This is Adam and he is currently serving over seas in Afghanistan. Not only is he my boyfriend’s best friend, but he is now engaged to one of my best friends.  I know, cute right?

Technologies like Skype have allowed for us to be able to talk to him while he is almost 3,000 miles away.  Of course it usually ends up being in the early morning and late evening compliments of a time difference, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is technology is the reason his fiance can still see his face when he is serving is country for what has been almost a year now.  Can you find Afghanistan on a map?  I can, and it is not because of a class, but because of Adam.

This is my 18 pound, yes that is not an exaggeration, baby named Pudgy.  New medical advances in technology is the only reason we did not lose him to bladder problems.  Maybe not as relatable to this class, but he is still adorable right?

Every have a problem and try to figure out, “Why is my animal doing that?”  Well I would like to introduce you to another little friend of mine named Torganda.  (And no, that does not mean something in Spanish as my mother ask me.)

So Torganda here started doing this weird thing and my friends and I could not figure it out for the life of us.  This lead us to type in on Youtube weird turtle dances.  Thankfully, Youtube answered a lot of our questions!  Torganda was putting his front flippers above his head and flailing them doing his mating dance.  You learn something new everyday!  Thanks Youtube!  So what did I do with this newly aquired information?  Well, I filmed it…and put it up on Youtube!  Check it out!

From under 5 feet of snow…. A future Black Bear Educator up in Maine!

Thats all for now! 🙂

How will you leave your mark in the future?


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