Do You Like Ice Cream?


As silly as this little video seems, there is a important point made.  Ice cream, like many businesses, can start out as a small family run store.  I know that from growing up on the ocean.  All the locals always know the best places.  They also always know who doesn’t belong (which I know sounds horrible). So how do these little family run places get their name out there?  Social Media seems to be the answer.

Unlike factory produced products, friends and neighbors started something.  It was a community, though not virtual yet.  The town got the reputation, of course it was also named Scoopville, as the place with the ice cream.  It was getting attention.  With all the people going there for a product, everyone started created new ideas.  How is ice cream here like social networking?  If someone starts a group on Facebook lets say, and everyone starts to notice that group for what ever the theme is, people can start posting on the wall or adding pictures.  This creates a learning and interactive environment as word spreads about it.  So what happens next?

Back to the ice cream.  The ice cream started getting better because the people were leaving areas for people to post comments.  It allowed for the makers to get a description, a rating, and a comment.  This feed back was essential in creating the best tasting ice cream for loyal followers.  The people saved money with advertising because their board with ratings and comments was right outside of their shop.  It was assessable.  By creating a blog about what ever the topic, it allows for a forum to open up for discussion.  Take this blog I am writing now.  People may comment, they may tell me they love my ideas, they may tell me I am an idiot, but either way, it is an open path of communication about an issue. People can communicate.

Whether it is ice cream, Facebook, or blogs, social media links people together through ways of communicating.  It creates a VLE for anyone with a computer to access.  It opens up conversations and flows of ideas that may not have been possible before.

What flavor will you create?


About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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One Response to Do You Like Ice Cream?

  1. krislynh says:

    Haha I loved your title because I had forgotten about this video, so when I read “Do You Like Ice Cream?” I was instantly curious and drawn to your post. As always, your post is visually appealing on top of being well-written. Great summary of the best points of the video, along with your own small anecdote. Thanks!

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