When Bully’s Have Had Enough

Please watch this video.  It is about a kid that has always been picked on.  You can see this little kid continuously punching him.  Finally, he retaliated.  Kids called him fat, threw stuff at him, mocked him, and all of his friends left him.  He knew he was an easy target.  He had contemplated suicide. His older sister got him through it.

Please react to this video if you have not seen it yet.  When I saw it on the news this morning, they made it out that it was the bigger kid’s fault.  But whose was it?  I hope that schools can look at the issue of bullying more seriously.  This kid is not alone.

This is a video interview with the mother of the bully.


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I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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3 Responses to When Bully’s Have Had Enough

  1. Kelsi McHugh says:

    I hate bullying more than anything, and I hope most people feel the same way. However, I am not sure what I think about the video. At first I thought, good for him, I am happy he stuck up for himself. Then I thought, why is this video taped, why is it on youtube. Then, I wondered if this was the right way to go about the situation. I don’t have a direct answer for these questions because I have never been in that situation. But I think the last place this video belongs is on youtube. He was definitely defending himself, but this video should not be on youtube! I think it send the wrong message. Obviously there are some serious bullying problems at this school that go “unseen.” I am not sure exactly where I stand after watching this video, it is an incredible story, and I am sure there are many stories out there just like this one. But once again, the video doesn’t need to be all over the internet.

  2. heyamoose12 says:

    I agree with you that this video, I don’t know if you saw or not, on Youtube people change the kid into the Hulk. The reason that I posted this blog was that the bully’s friend’s filmed the incident, a use of technology to capture bullying on film. It is like when teenagers send each other half naked pics and then those pics get sent to everyone. Technology can be easily abused. Teaching the ethical issues that go with the use of technology need to happen by parents and guardians if the not the school as well. What made me mad about this video is that I saw it on the news. The only problem was they edited the video to show the initial 5 punches, so I thought the larger kid body slammed the other one for no reason. Another problem with technology is the ability to edit. I posted this blog not to show what is all over Youtube, but to rise some questions to what happens in school, how are kids record it, and where it goes from there. I appreciate your comments as always.

  3. Kelsi McHugh says:

    I agree completely, technology can definitely easily be misused. I think Deb White touched on this Thursday when we went to her classroom. Hopefully we can all be teachers like her and show kids how to appropriately use technology and help them figure out the rights and wrongs of it. Technology can be used for bad things, this being one of them, especially when editing occurs. Glad to hear your thoughts on this. I was just so shocked by this video that I wasn’t sure what to think of it. It is horrifying to watch, but I know it goes on all the time.

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