Benchmark Round Two!

In recent light of my project, I would have to say I would not have thought that this class would have been as free as it is.  I have been able to explore topics that I want, and get my ideas out there.  My most recent accomplishment that I was ecstatic about was when Vicky Davis, a huge tweeter, blogger, and educated professional on technology in the classroom, tweeter my project for her almost 18,000 followers to see.  I was so excited. Her blogs are so insightful and she really knows her stuff.  Getting the stuff I have been working on in this class out there so that others beyond the walls of our classroom can see them is something I never imagined or expected.
I think that my strengths in this class are my curiosity to go out and see what I can find.  I would also say that, whether something good or bad, I get addicted to media once I find a string of related material.  Sometimes I feel like I have to give my poor lap top a break because I fear it will overheat.  To get a deeper understanding beyond the course, I have been looking at blogs from people outside of our VLE and seeing their views on the topic.  I think I could do more of this.  I mean, all it took was one blog comment to get my project tweeted about.
My work so far on my project now just needs depth.  I have a base to work off of, but I am still a little hesitant in exactly what will add “depth.”  I feel like for this project to have true depth requires time.  Getting information out there for people to see is easier in theory than practice.  This is just the beginning.
I really enjoy reading what is relevant to my future.  If I can find something on teaching adolescents or English, it definitely has my attention.  I absolutely love reading or finding material that is relevant to my project.  When I came across ELEV8D, I was so fascinated.  It was like my project, except with video.  I am considering making a video about my project to post there to get more viewers on my project.

I think I need help with getting my stuff out there.  I am not sure really where to go with it from now.  I kind of want to get more material specific to teaching high school English and using technology.  This is something I may start looking into.  I have started looking into blogs outside of our course, but I want to find time to explore this area more.

About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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One Response to Benchmark Round Two!

  1. Your work has been inspiring, heartfelt and networked, Linda. Thank you for your reflection, learning and insight in our VLC and course meetings. I look forward to the rest of the term with you as a member of our community. Thank you.

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