Who Planted the Bad Seed?


Education, according to this clip, is a greater problem right now than healthcare, the economy, and national security.  Why is it not getting the attention it might deserve, regardless of reform and technology involvement?  The effects of ignoring this problem are not immediate.  Ignoring national security or healthcare has drastic, immediate effects.  However, ignoring education has effects that are NOW starting to show.

Problems in education root back to years ago because those are the students that are not old enough to run the country.  The effects of the education problem may not be immediate, but when they hit, they hit hard.  It is shown in how low the United States has dropped in comparison to other countries, and will continue until change happens.  This video also points out that we cannot fix many of the problems we want to before we fix the education system.  We need to get at the root of the problem because it is still growing right under our feet.


About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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One Response to Who Planted the Bad Seed?

  1. lucycn8 says:

    The statistics in this video were shocking! Every 26 seconds a student drops out? As a future teacher, that is an insane percentage, that I would do anything to alter and even make the slightest difference in. Like the video mentions, these students are our future. And to fix the problems we face everyday, like healthcare, we must educate properly the future generations in order for these issues to be corrected. Like you said, improper education effects do not appear immediately. It is a long term effect. With the statistics and the lack of ability to alter the current issues in America, such as healthcare, we are beginning to see these effects. Such a powerful video, I have to see that movie! Good post again, Linda!

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