Have you ever had a social media withdrawal?  It is ok to admit.  Was there a time that your internet would not connect or you left your Blackberry on the charger at home? I found the drawing below that is insinuating that our dependance as a culture on social media sources is similar to a smoker who needs to take a break for a cigarette in between shifts.  How often do you check your Facebook?  In between classes? Do you get flustered when you know you have a class when you can check your cell phone without receiving some sort of punishment? I mean really, in that 50 minutes class, the world could come to an end.












What is even better? How many of you have started to think about “cleaning up your Facebook” so what future employers do not see togas, red cups, or other unexplainable photos? This is a new reality that college grads have not faced before.  We have created this online character we call ourselves, but what if we do not want future employers to see the Saturday night us?  Next time you post photos, take that into account.


About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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  1. lucycn8 says:

    Linda, this post is such a good reminder to teenagers or young adults who are beginning to enter the professional stages of their lives. We’re all use to just sharing our information with our friends. Some people try and look ‘cool’ by posting their eventful evenings out with their friends. But when you’re in the professional world, those pictures are far from ‘cool’. As we age and are on the search for jobs, we need to monitor what we post. Managers do view social networks pages such as Facebook before they hire you. They look to see if you seem responsible, but with pictures of you and friends passed out or dancing up on stage, they may get the wrong idea. Also, to go along with the addiction to technology, and needing to take breaks at work; that has been a huge issue at my work! People have been getting fired left and right for getting caught with their cellphones. It’s just crazy that people will risk their jobs just to check their cellphones. Good, creative post Linda! I love the pictures/diagrams.

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