Warning:Project Under Construction

1) Project title: Envisions of School Tomorrow.  Start asking those who it affects most.

2) Project description: I have gathered photos of friends holding up signs with answering prompted questions about education.


3) Detailed questions: The following questions were asked to friends, and then indirectly, friends of friends and people on Facebook.  “What do you wish teachers knew?  /What do you want out of your learning?/  How do you want to use technology in the classroom? /  How could your education be better?/  What made your best teachers so effective?”

4) Main Focuses (What are the broader ideas/questions that you are looking into) As far as my other focuses for this project, it is getting the general publics view on the current education system.  It is more than that however.  It is getting the view of the current education system from those who it affects most, the students. It is not meant to be offensive or an attack on any college or school in particular, but more of a general view of where improvements could be made.  Some signs are of friends representing a larger population of students and the message may or may not pertain to them directly.

5) Purpose (How does this project apply to practice.  Who is impacted) This project has the capacity to impact a lot of people or get a lot of people attention.  It is not just about stating what needs to change, but about giving ideas on how change is possible possibly involving technology.  This could impact student-teacher relations and then student-material accessibility.

6) Products (show my evidence) I have a wide variety of photos that have been gathered ranging from students, both male and female, ages 16-22.  This started off on Facebook and spread.  I am hoping to get more photos from students, like myself, who are in the education program, but I have not gotten that far yet.

7) Project Stakeholders (who will be involved) Students, teachers, superintendents, colleges, technology developers, parents, school of education, general public telling the public what is wrong.  There are a lot of ways that this project could go, and my intentions are meant to be positive and helpful.

8- Graphic Organizer: I have been using iphoto on my mac to create folders with the pictures in it I have gathered.  Facebook has been a major contributing factor in getting photos and friends seeing photos of friends and wanting to get involved themselves. I was recently introduced to Soup as a way to maybe put this project together and I am absolutely loving it and intend on using it as of right now.

9) Task/ Activities to complete project (3 or more)

1) Post my material now and watch the development of my project for the rest of the course.

2)Create links to the videos on Youtube that have inspired me and or are related to my topic.

3) Display the results so that people could see and add to it. (now possible with Soup)



About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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One Response to Warning:Project Under Construction

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Enjoyed your post, especially all the pictures. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

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