Need My Social Media Fix

How many of these do you recognize?  This is a keyboard with social media icons in it instead of letters.  What if keyboard could be designed like this?  What if the most important things that we begin to type are not words, but connections between materials and people all over the world.

Look around your desk.  How much of the materials that scatter your desk are related to technology.  Let’s start with a computer (because that is how you are even able to be reading this) and then I bet there is an iPod near by.  Attached to the iPod are headphones and tangled up in the head phone wires,which ALWAYS find a way to get themselves into knots, is a cell phone.  Who lets their cell phone leave their site?  I have a camera in my top drawer.  I also have the cords to attach my iPod and camera to my computer.  It is all connected.  It is all on my desk.


So what happens when you forget your cell phone or ipod charger?  I bet you get frazzled.  We have this dependance on technology at this point. (As shown in the picture above)  We run in circles between checking Facebook, charging our cell phones, downloading music, uploading photos, where does it stop?

We could start be stubborn.  It is like jumping in a pool and claiming that you can swim, but what happens when the deep end is your only option?  This picture about is perfect is explaining the stubborn situation education is currently in.  Teachers do not know or do not want to use technology in the class room.  Consequence?  The students are drowning in the social media pool because they do not have the tools they need to make the best of their education.

So how do we get our kids out of this pool before they drown?  Give them the tools they need.  Don’t let a gap between schools, towns, states, or countries keep students from interacting, from learning.  It is a lot cheeper to chat online to a student over in England than to build a bridge over the Atlantic.


About heyamoose12

I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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