According to Sir Ken Robinson, he gives a talk in handwriting about the current education system.  Through his drawings, in a humorous fashion, he addresses the problems.  He sees education stuck in  the intellectual culture of the enlightenment (a time that has long past.) This focuses on the knowledge of the classics among other things. This also has another effect; it breaks our students off into groups.  This video points out why is it that we move kids through education by age?  Don’t kids have something more in common than age?  (or is it just for a manufacturing date.) Currently there are branches. There are the academic smart students and then there are the non-academic dumb students.  Now what is wrong with this (aside from the fact that students are being categorized as non-academic?  The students that are put into the academic and smart category have this assumption that is now factitious.  A college degree is no longer a guarantee of a job.  This belief that going to college is the secret to get a better job and therefore a better life is no longer true.  This is a scary for some to swallow.

So what else was hard to swallow from this clip?  ADHD is focused in the east.  The map that is drawn shows that the east coast is heavily medicated.  This was not meant to create a debate on whether to medicate or not, but it was just making a point. ADHD is not an epidemic.  Currently we are have students take pills to focus.  The need for pills have increase with the amount of standardized testing that students are experiencing.  Maybe if the classroom could hold students attention then they would focus.  Maybe it is not the behavior of the students that need to change, but the environment they are being put into for learning.

The quote from above in my first photo, “My contention is that creativity is now as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status,” fits in with the video we were shown.  The arts are the victims of this mentally aesthetic experience.  This is in comparison to the anesthetic experience which shuts off your senses completely.  Students need to be creative.  Along with being creative, students need to be divergent thinkers (which is not the same as creative, the process of having the original ideas that have value). Divergent thinking is when students are able to see multiple answers and interpret a question in many ways.  This capacity decreases as students go through the education system.  Why is that?  Below I am going to attach a photo.  Use divergent thinking and how many different ways can you describe it?


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I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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One Response to Lightbulb

  1. ampoulin says:

    I found the You Tube video posted above very interesting and made some key points, the ADHD probably being the most talked about. I did really like how the pictures were drawn throughout the whole video. It is really kept my attention and found it much more interesting than just watching someone perform a speech… very intriguing to watch!!

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