What Inspired Heidi Hayes Jacobs For Change?

After reading and listening to Jacobs on her new book, “Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World,” I wanted to hear more about this author and what she was about.  I came across the video above and maybe some of you will find it very interesting as well.  

I was not introduced to a second language (Spanish) before 6th grade (and that we not really a very intense introduction).  I would say that a serious class on a second language did not start until I was a freshman in high school.  Of course by this point, I can honestly say the few things that I can now remember to say are not going to really help me out.  “Where is the library,” and “May I go to the bathroom,” will not keep a conversation going very long.  The cool thing that I took from this video was that the person who came in and taught English was also teaching German.  These kids were also half the age I was when I started taking a foreign language.  Did I mention that I also remember how to say “pencil sharpener?”

Another part in this video that stuck me is that students are unable to find places on the map.  Last year is a class I was asked to find Afghanistan on a map…. And this was a COLLEGE CLASS.

Out of the class of about 30 students, 2 knew where it was.  Currently with a close friend serving overseas, I was not one of the two.  I felt horrible.  Out of the 30 students, about 5 where within a country or two.  I was at least of of those.  The rest, the other  23 students, were either on the wrong continent, or did not have a clue where to even begin.  You would think a country we have been at war with for about ten years now, students would be able to find Afghanistan on a map.

This video reminded me of experiences I have had in the current education system and how I had to realize that somewhere along the lines, someone let me down.  Someone was not able to provide me with a pice of knowledge as simple as finding a country on the map.



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I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in English. I swim for the University of Maine and love to sketch and write on the side. I am a huge movie fan and love to go out with friends!
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3 Responses to What Inspired Heidi Hayes Jacobs For Change?

  1. hgilman1023 says:

    I was fascinated in the video when Heidi Haye Jacobs talked about her students learning Russian. My eight year old cousin George is learning Chinese and I wish I had had the opportunity at a young age to learn another language. I do speak some Spanish, but Chinese and Russian are incredible. I also love the fact that you put the map on your blog! I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to find Afghanistan on a map either – which is terrible.

  2. That video was amazing. I wish more people felt that way about learning languages; why are we so closed off to learning about other cultures? And our lack of knowledge about geography is appalling and alarming as well. I think that it is great that so many language teachers (and other teachers) nowadays are using programs like Skype to allow their students the chance to interact with peers in another country. Doing so definitely broadens the minds of the students.

  3. kseymour10 says:

    Thanks for posting such a great video that really got me thinking. I can definitely relate to you as far as the second language you once studied and how much is lost now. Also last year I took a class that was about languages and dialects around the world. Each country that we spoke about in class we would have to locate on a map for the first quiz. It was shocking at how much I needed to study for this and other students in the class as well. What stood out to me that Heidi Hayes said “What do American kids need to know more about”.

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